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(issue 1: heartbreak)

crackers - o.p. (bio)

hey, you - anonymous

gazelle - r.f. (bio)

the meaning of love - anon

The Sun Looks for You - anon

Genesis - anon

jaggedly, in tune - anon

(issue 2: united)

the union - anon

the postal - anon

daughter - anon

togetherness, togetherness, togetherness - anon

REVOLUTION! - f.r. jr. (bio)

multi - brian tieu (bio)

i found u - e.r. (bio)

folded bedsheets for 2 people - anon

(issue 3: predatory)

unicorns exist - anon

lion costume - e.t. (bio)

a vicious attack - anon

a bleeding heart #4 - e.r. (bio)

kingda ka - o.i. (bio)

disoriented - r.d. (bio)

P O U N C E - anon

guns & roses - e.t. (bio)

(issue 4: moonlight)

M.O.O.N.L.I.G.H.T. - y.y. (bio)

celestial dreams - r.w. (bio)

chang e - f.o. (bio)

missing you - anon

a minimalist's take on life/death - anon

shades of white - anon

bloody spoon! - y.y. (bio)

(issue 5: meta)

poem - anon

i'm jealous of E - q.r. (bio)

writer's block - a.t. (bio)


a sad conversation - t.e. (bio)

a pen walking on paper - p.e. (bio)

ART CAN BE UGLY TOO - b.u. (bio)

(issue 6: ποιέω "to make" vol. 1)

Solo Poet Issue #1 by Brandon Conway (bio)

ANNOUNCEMENT: solo poet issue series launch

Poet's Statement


The Mulberry Tree



(issue 7: ποιητής "poet" vol. 2)

Solo Poet Issue #1 by Brandon Conway (bio)




Hammock Nights

Art of Movement

Mine Eyes of Calamity

(issue 8: mad mellow)

Tres de Mayo - j.r. (bio)

Flamethrower Mind - j.r. (bio)

He Drives Fast Cars Listening to Slow Jams - b.d. (bio)

Instagratification - t.n. (bio)

Afterward - t.n. (bio)

The End is Nigh-ilistic - t.n. (bio)

calm/storm - anon

angry when i think about you - anon

(issue 9: viscera)

S(ex) - b.d. (bio)

Tragedy in Real-Time - t.n. (bio)

In Reverse - t.n. (bio)

Benadryl - a.b. (bio)

Fishing Rod - a.b. (bio)

innards - anon

love and water - anon

(issue 10: rustic)

Catch and Release - b.d. (bio)

The Things We Carried - b.d. (bio)

road diary - m.k. (bio)

Joyful - t.n. (bio)

Illiterate - t.n. (bio)

Gon' - t.n. (bio)

ruinous - anon

oxidation and reduction - anon

(issue 11: solar)

Sniffing Daisies - b.d. (bio)

Nebulae - a.b. (bio)

Stargazing - a.g. (bio)

On God - a.g. (bio)

Time - j.h. (bio)

Clarity of Thought - terrence bull (bio)

luna - anon

(issue 12: about her)

Elegance - a.g. (bio)

he? - anon

The Maiden No More - j.h. (bio)

Fantail - terrence bull (bio)

As Easy As - terrence bull (bio)

her spirit lives here (a series) - anon

musallady - anon

god is a woman - anon

(issue 13: locked)

Cold Harbor - a.g. (bio)

Solace - a.g. (bio)

The Bird and the Butterfly - h.p. (bio)

You Will Feel It - c.m. (bio)

Shameless Self-Promotion - j.h. (bio)

lock * key * thrown away - anon


CHRSTAL - anon

(issue 14: knighted)

MAN O' WAR - c.s. (bio)

Murder's Last Chance - j.h. (bio)

A Homophonous Poem - j.h. (bio)

Gast-a-lion - terrence bull (bio)

The Old Stump - terrence bull (bio)

monarchy - anon

rags to riches - anon

jengel - anon

(issue 15: worldly incision)

KYPE - c.s. (bio)

evangelizing trip - anon

tourism - anon

The Toy - terrence bull (bio)

Bad Language - terrence bull (bio)

The Stare - terrence bull (bio)

laser beams - anon

(issue 16: boundaries)

Consequences - s.b. (bio)

Unread Messages (Dystopia) - j.t. (bio)

A Cube - m.t. (bio)

Mini Landscape 1 - anon

Mini Landsacpe 2 - anon

(issue 17: fast love, slow love)

Umoja - t.l. (bio)

Hookup. (haiku) - n.b. (bio)

I Did Say No - a.k. (bio)

Bella Donna - blake edwards & l. trammell (bio)

For You, My Dear - l.c. (bio)

Mini Landscape 3 - anon

Mini Landscape 4 - anon

(issue 18: home)

Lavender Sachets. - n.b. (bio)

The City. (haiku) - n.b. (bio)

Personal Verse - c.s. (bio)

Talking to Myself - araya sunshine (bio)

Home on the River - a.k. (bio)

Mini Landscape 5 - anon

Mini Landscape 6 - anon

(issue 19: in retrospect)

Mothballs. - n.b. (bio)

Reflections - c.s. (bio)

Mask On - isaac kendral (bio)

Sex to Regret - adg.w (bio)

I Already Wrote You Serious Love Poem - adg.w (bio)

Mini Landscape 7 - anon

Mini Landscape 8 - anon

(issue 20: aftermath)

Retirement. (haiku) - n.b. (bio)

Sips - c.s. (bio)

Let Me In So I Can See - a.k. (bio)

I only ever write about sex and hangovers - adg.w (bio)

When You Think Of Me - anon

Mini Landscape 9 - anon

Mini Landscape 10 - anon

(issue 21: moody by the season)

Downpour. (haiku) - n.b. (bio)

Mournful Longing - isaac kendral (bio)

Fading - v.v. (bio)

The Nature of You - a.d. (bio)

OP Panorama (An Aesop Rock Mimic Poem) - c.e. (bio)

Mini Landscape 11 - anon

Mini Landscape 12 - anon

(issue 22: daily life)

Morning commute; an impression. - n.b. (bio)

Autopilot - a.k. (bio)

I Know a Man - c.e. (bio)

Ode to an Itsy-Bitsy Spider - m.g. (bio)

The Son of a Salesman - shadow

Mini Landscape 13 - anon

Mini Landscape 14 - anon

(issue 23: rhythm)

Violins! Pianos! - c.s. (bio)

It - c.s. (bio)

Avere Un Piede Nella Fossa - c.s. (bio)

Thankful - a.k. (bio)

TONIGHT THE NIGHT - l.h. (bio)

Mini Landscape 15 - anon

Mini Landscape 16 - anon

(issue 24: confrontation)

Chris... Pt. 1 - c.s. (bio)

Revisiting Chris Pt. 2 - c.s. (bio)

As If - s.a. fitzgerald (bio)

determined - m.j. (bio)

Dear Friend - isaac kendral (bio)

Mini Landscape 17 - anon

Mini Landscape 18 - anon

(issue 25: ambling)

Freedom - a.k. (bio)

Lucid Dreams - a.k. (bio)

Yaupon - c.e. (bio)

InglIsh RevolushIn - m.g. (bio)

Morning Stars - m.k. (bio)

Yaupon (illustration) - c.e. (bio)

Mini Landscape 19 - anon

(issue 26: heartbreakers' hall of fame)

Boy - adg.w (bio)

Flirtatious Friends - adg.w (bio)

She Was Turmeric - c.e. (bio)

Prometheus 2 - m.g. (bio)

A Love Poem - m.g. (bio)

155 - m.g. (bio)

I Feel Blue - anon

(issue 27: crumbling)

Welcome to Paradise - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

A Place Among the Stars - shadow (bio)

Idle Dreams - shadow (bio)

Freedom - themistokles pappalas (bio)

Sunshine - jeremiah p. tidey (bio)

Aberrations in Cyberpunk - anon

(issue 28: a shout in futility)

[some lost words] - t.r. (bio)

You want to hear about me and I have not another way to say - t.r. (bio)

In Solitude - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

In Time - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Notable Similarity - jeremiah p. tidey (bio)

Lost Shouts - anon

(issue 29: in question)

No tourists, please. - Val (bio)

Ball - Pradeep Peethambaram (bio)

Tuesday Morning - c.s. (bio)

Parting Gift - jeremiah p. tidey (bio)

City Dreamer - jeremiah p. tidey (bio)

Zebra - anon

(issue 30: bleeding heart)

Petrichor - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Homecoming - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Meteor - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

3 Months and Counting - c.s. (bio)

A Chance Encounter - jeremiah p. tidey (bio)

Zzz - anon

Yyy - anon

(issue 31: this terrain)

Alien World - c.s. (bio)

Brown - kurinchi (bio)

Astynax - brandon conway (bio)

White Dward/Black Hole - brandon conway (bio)

Whethering - sam sicilia (bio)

To Bud, an Ode - sam sicilia (bio)

tempest - anon

(issue 32: ontological)

The Pendulum Swings to One Side - gregory manning (bio)

The Summer I Went Cold - sam sicilia (bio)

While Watching a Documentary on the Higgs Boson Particle - sam sicilia (bio)

So It Goes - alfie garland (bio)

Boardgame - alfie garland (bio)

Gateway - alfie garland (bio)

Constellations - anon

(issue 33: metronome)

There's Nothing Left but to Admit - gregory manning (bio)

Waves - gregory manning (bio)

Relax - flora leask (bio)

Untitled Poem #028 - flora leask (bio)

Nails - a.a. (bio)

Oxidised - a.a. (bio)

Trip - anon

The Staircase on Lamma Island - anon

(issue 34: in tune)

Mass Movement - flora leask (bio)

Toothpaste - a. ojo (bio)

Pavlov's Experiment - brandon conway (bio)

Numbing - brandon conway (bio)

(man)goes - e.k. (bio)

Disc(h)ordant - anon

(issue 35: tempest)

Torment - alfie garland (bio)

Rearview Mirror - alfie garland (bio)

Tatters - alfie garland (bio)

Convulsion - a.a. (bio)

Tend my fields with your being - a.a. (bio)

This Ain’t No Zoo: Cat and Mouse - tina kachoo (bio)

(issue 36: confessional)

Solo Poet Issue #2 by Patrick Michael Murphy (bio)

When an Orchid Blooms

your job called you in at 3am

I don’t want to feel these walls


Garfunkle didn’t ask me to write you an ode

her childhood

my heart

when you loved me

dear soulmate

why I hate falling

(issue 37: neon)

CEO - tina kachoo (bio)

Diamond Reef - tina kachoo (bio)

Stranger Danger - tina kachoo (bio)

The End - sam sicilia (bio)

Erosion - alfie garland (bio)

(issue 38: primordial)

King in Exile - alfie garland (bio)

Finality - alfie garland (bio)

Creator's Note - alfie garland (bio)

Canute - mackenzie teague (bio)

New Builds - mackenzie teague (bio)

(issue 39: earthly)

Crossing the Breakwater - hudson gardner (bio)

Autumn - r.j. flannigan (bio)

Emerald Grass - r.j. flannigan (bio)

Spare Me Summer - r.j. flannigan (bio)

Travel Diary - r.j. flannigan (bio)

(issue 40: hidden figures)

Racing Stripes - r.j. flannigan (bio)

Gray Monster - r.j. flannigan (bio)

puzzle piece - anon

1, 2, 3 - anon

mirage - anon

lugaris - anon

(issue 41: the anonymous issue)

I Got Plans - anon

Nikes - anon

Frank's Eyes - anon

Lucrative Issues - anon

Freight Train - anon

(issue 42: HENDRXX)

HENDRXX - anon
i can't get over u - anon
dampening - anon

Quartz! - anon

puzzle piece - k.w. (bio)

ferra pt. 2 - anon

(issue 43: conception)

Vespers - mia morgalla (bio)

First Light - mia morgalla (bio)

The Arrogant Writer - anon

Man of the Year - anon

Moving On - anon

Earth - anon

(issue 44: walking in twilight)

Solo Poet Issue #3 by Kristine Ann Gajitos (bio)

Poet's Statement

That Day

Love of Mine


Drink Deep

All the Same

The Magician

tick tock

The Killing Sight



(issue 45: the poetry in pieces)

Solo Poet Issue #4 by Thiago Rêgo (bio)


Poet's Statement

Le saut dans le vide (Original)

Le saut dans le vide (English)

Afternoon accompanied

Transcription of a deceit

Words for the love

My silence

Two words yet for Mayakovsky


(issue 46: welcome shifts)

The Gong - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Removing the Stone - luis cuauhtémoc berriozábal (bio)

Welcome to Misfortune - luis cuauhtémoc berriozábal (bio)

Collapse - luis cuauhtémoc berriozábal (bio)

In the Blue World - luis cuauhtémoc berriozábal (bio)

Happy Thoughts - luis cuauhtémoc berriozábal (bio)

Ode to the Rotten - sam sicilia (bio)

sunken - anon

(issue 47: ash and bone and knotted rope: 10 psalms for the kingdom of nil)

Solo Poet Issue #5 by John Sweet (bio)

Poet's Statement

meditation on war

valleys of hope, mountains of fear

the frightened sparrow

theology for the fucked and the forsaken

song for fascists as they hang from the crossbeams beneath the late winter sun

no one teaches us to bleed, but we do

in the future kingdom of subtle decay


in the fading memory of the always-approaching future

denying the revolution

(issue 48: time is all we have)

Solo Poet Issue #6 by Michael Estabrook (bio)

Poet's Statement

The Big Bang
Had we but world enough, and time. Andrew Marvell (1621-1678)
Time Considerations
There is no memory which time does not efface, nor any pain that death does not destroy. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616)
Gerontophobia - Fear of Growing Old
Grand Illusion
And so it is with our own past. It is a labor in vain to attempt to recapture it. Marcel Proust (1871-1922)
Time Travel

(issue 49: cracks, new)

New Blood - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Ommatophoba - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Hedonia - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Times New Roman - benet ge (bio)

Profundity - benet ge (bio)

(issue 50: post-end)

Midnight Smoke - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Craving - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Apparently, You Won't be with Me - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Conclusion - benet ge (bio)

Subversion - benet ge (bio)

real tears - anon

underneath anon

(issue 51: threads of before)

That Night - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Just a Drop - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

a reverie - hannah lee (bio)

omma - hannah lee (bio)

make me this dress - hannah lee (bio)

yours - anon

(issue 52: undone)

gallery exhibit a - hannah lee (bio)

Today, Jealousy - grace novarr (bio)

East River - grace novarr (bio)

1, 2, 3 - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Suraci - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

letting go - anon

(issue 53: from you, to them)

October II - grace novarr (bio)

Calico - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Left Behind - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

By My Hands - kristine ann gajitos (bio)

4am - sam sicilia (bio)

(issue 54: bury me in your dreams)

Solo Poet Issue #7 by Annelie Hyatt (bio)

Poet's Statement

Climate Strike

Remembered Ghazal

Talking Ghazal

Do You Love Me

Camus on Suicide

Rosemary Continuum

Body Disappearing


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