issue 8 contributors


j.r. (him)


j.r. is the poet of "Tres de Mayo" & "Flamethrower Mind" in issue 8.


j.r. is a small business owner and is honored to have his work published in the poetry juicebox. j.r. has written poetry for 7 years, and only writes early in the morning or late at night. The Poetry Juicebox is the first time he has tried publishing his poetry.

b.d. (her)


b.d. is the poet of "He Drives Fast Cars Listening to Slow Jams" in issue 8.


t.n. (him)


t.n. is the poet of "Instagratification", "Afterward", & "The End is Nigh-ilistic" in issue 8.

I am a poet of 7 years, I have been off of social media for 7 months. I enjoy juxtaposition and challenging my and other's reality.  I have never published my work before, though am working on a creating my first ever chapbook. I enjoy reading, finding meaning, and discussing what scares me and then running toward it. This scares me.

the rest of the contributors of issue 8 wished to stay anonymous.

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