issue 6: ποιέω "to make" vol. 1

ANNOUNCEMENT: solo poet issue series launch


The Poetry Juicebox has decided to dedicate Issues 6 and 7 to launching a new issue publication category titled the Solo Poet Issue Series, featuring work exclusively from one poet who has demonstrated commendable artistic and stylistic vision, as well as a prolific poetic nature. Each Solo Poet Issue Series is sequestered into numbered volumes, and will feature an extended autobiographical poet's statement from the featured poet. Solo poets are granted the right to curate and title their Issue themes, with full discretion and input.

The featured solo poet for Issues 6 and 7 is Brandon Conway (bio). Brandon Conway has set an excellent standard for poetry, and has fully embodied the versatile, elusive, and lustrous spirit of The Poetry Juicebox.

Enjoy our first Solo Poet Issue Series, titled issue 6: ποιέω "to make" vol. 1 & issue 7: ποιητής "poet" vol. 2.

poet's statement

- brandon conway (bio)


B.C has never had any work published before and he is honored to be the first solo publication with the Poetry Juicebox. He is a 31 year old who spends his days working in the fourth level of hell in a cube of off-white hating every minute of it. When not dreading the office farm he likes to run, write, read, and game.  Born in Louisiana but raised in South Carolina he never thought that poetry would be a part of him. He never gave reading or poetry a thought but poetry changed him in a way that he was not expecting. At the turn of his third decade he wanted to do something different, he picked up a book to read for the hell of it, something that hasn’t been done since high school. That book was The Odyssey by Homer. This sparked a love of not only books but for poetry.  Homer lead to Virgil which lead to Ovid then to Shakespeare then to more modern poets. Ovid is really what drove the poetic nail down.  He started writing poems to try and capture the beauty of the ancient poets. Writing poems became a major part of his life after realizing that even he is capable of creating art.  Comedy is also a big part of his life and he is working on combining the two together in what he calls dark haikus, haikus that contain a dark joke. He hopes to not just end at poetry but to explore other venues as well and maybe finish that book he started. You can find him at Coffee Underground in Greenville, S.C. on Sundays enjoying the local poets sharing their creations. Feel free to join in if you’re in the area.


I was tasked to write about myself for the biographies section, this was such a hard piece to write. Just want to say thanks again to the Poetry Juicebox for publishing my work, it means a lot to me.  


- brandon conway (bio)

No moon showing her lustrous wonder
No stars set ablaze
Only clouds sounding of thunder
Plunging rain greeting my gaze
Drops tasting of flame and damnation
Through a gap a gossamer star palpitates
Lonely and lost in its constellation
Only dolorous moans encapsulate
Gasping at fetid air
Face gurgling above scalding blood
Phlegethon, river of despair
My flesh becomes the mud
A figure appears over the precipice
A living body one that is whole
A lost man seems not necessitous
None that can help this tortured soul
A half horse is with he
Bow strung aimed at me
Risen higher than I should be
Arrow loosen my flesh stings
Awaken in sweat, four walls surrounding
A guilty conscience stewed this dream
Enclosed in darkness, alone, wailing
Recurring haunting blaspheme

The Mulberry Tree

​- brandon conway (bio)

There was once a poet from long ago
Who stories told of transformations
I shall tell of one that you may not know
Pyramus and Thisbe who loved through a cracked foundation

Whose houses were connected, neighbors were they
Families ensnared in rivalry and outrage
Oh how did it so weigh
On these blind lovers left with lips to assuage!

A crack so small only a desperate lover could see
A whisper only could dance through to ease
Two star-crossed lovers crouching on hands and knees
Expressing words that warm and please

To bring to light
Their love they did agree
To meet late at night

By the white mulberry tree

Thisbe first to show and await did she
Until a loud rustle filled the air
Frightened she ran off and hid thee
So fast her veil escaped the grasp of her hair

A lioness fresh from feeding
Paraded on passing by,
She went sniffing and licking
Veil now red left under the midnight sky

Pyramus, with the white specked tree in view
Sees just an empty sheath
Just a mulberry tree under a blanket of moonlit blue
With a crimson soaked veil underneath

Thinking he lost his heart's desire
She the cure to eternal strife
Life now nothing but mire
Wishes to follow her in afterlife

A sword he did reveal
With both hands set and firm
Fell on this stinging steel
Left as food for the callous worms

Oh how his blood did gush
Painting white mulberries incarnadine.

Thisbe returning in such a rush

For Pyramus she did pine

A lifeless corpse awaits for her
Under that maledict tree
Blood soaked veil she did incur
So she dropped to one knee

Life without him she hated
A breast she did beat
Cried to the gods, fated
His sword she did greet

Forbidden love changed white to red
The berries we have today
Ill-fated lovers left dead
To embrace in rot and decay

Together on the pyre
Rivalry has come to end
Lovers cradled in fire
Ashes in one urn, together again.

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- brandon conway (bio)


- brandon conway (bio)

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