issue 52: undone

gallery exhibit a

- hannah lee (bio)

vision is crystal clear
clean cut, sparkling
every edge, turn
in view
mind is far away
but closer than it will ever get
body is wound in
curvatures of
viscous dreams
liquid curtains
a drop of color
lift fall breathe

Today, Jealousy

- grace novarr (bio)


i can’t imagine a world without social media,
without knowing the faces of those you hate so well


and knowing so well why you hate them. like Lot’s wife,
i turn to a pillar of something ugly whenever i am tempted


and i look. god, when I am hating this girl my heart
has never felt larger. i could drop this heart like a rock


over her head. i could calcify like a sharp tooth
and cut through all the soft parts left in my chest.


every time i see my face i see hers too. every leg
is her leg. everywhere else, her everywhere else.


in a world where we knew each other, is there any
unknowing? is there any forgetting? i address her:


have you fossilized? have you weaponized?
have you immortalized? are you powerful?


can you free me?

East River

- grace novarr (bio)

The seasons are seasons,
not omens. Still, my heart.
Still, the legs shivering on the sidewalk,
and blood, still, hidden everywhere.

Now, a mattress, a body,
I want you. To say,
this is a choice, not a promise.

And: this is an image, not a dream.
Teaching you distinction.
Teaching you mouth and hand,
and love. And your jaw, and the way it tastes.

Before I called,
I wanted to call. And before your voice,
an emptiness. Barely a heartbeat,
I don’t mean silence, I mean loss,

and the river between us.

1, 2, 3

- kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Red light, green light
Move a little closer
Green light, red light
Stand so very still


Red light, green light
I hear shards breaking
Green light, red light
A hell of my own making


Red light, green light
Nothing more than childish play
Green Light, red light

The pain stays


- kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Spread your wings
Even as you shed rotting feathers
Try to fly away

Gravity is an illusion
A joke made by madmen
To keep you tethered

Take me with you
As you fall into the sky
We'll drown together in the clouds

letting go

- anon

i love your lies,

they encompass me,

and i feel safe again,

in the womb.

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