issue 5 contributors


q.r. (her)


q.r. is the poet of "i'm jealous of E" in issue 5.

q.r. is as an aspiring linguistics major. she is interested in symbolic systems, and how words and definitions can be used together to create new meaning (and possibly) art. she is a sucker for libraries, and visits their frequently. q.r. is a member of every single library in her public district, and her friends & family regularly make fun of her for being a nerd. but she doesn't care - she still wants to major in linguistics. q.r.'s poem is her first ever publication.​

a.t. (him)


a.t. is the poet of "writer's block" in issue 4.

a.t. ​likes watching youtube videos, tutorials on unboxing, gaming videos, and streams regularly with his friends. he plays league of legends, world of warcraft, clash of clans, and all the other online games with palindrome abbreviations (ha, bet you didn't notice!) a.t. has recently been exploring his interest in poetry, and is starting out small. his favorite genres of poetry are wordplay and humor. a.t. extends his thanks to the poetry juicebox for seeing hope in him and his humorous poetry. a.t. thinks the issue theme fits perfectly with the spirit of his poem, and thinks it was meant to be.

t.e. (her)


a.t. is the artist of "a sad conversation" in issue 5.

t.e. loves taking photos and making films. she is a photographer and filmmaker for her school's production team, and regularly volunteers/interns at companies that require her services. t.e. will be a rising senior next year, and goes to a public high school in florida.​

p.e. (him)


p.e. is the artist of "a pen walking on paper" in issue 5.

p.e.​ is an active member of the LGBT+ community, and is the founder of his school's gender and sexuality alliance team. in his free time, p.e. writes poetries, personal blog entries, and manages a small business selling LGBT+ merchandise. p.e. is an ally of anyone who has ever had their voice or identity marginalized by society. p.e. loves art and poetry, and is a fan of aesthetics of any kind.

b.u. (her)


b.u. is the artist of "ART CAN BE UGLY TOO" in issue 5.

b.u. submitted to the poetry juicebox on a whim, and is very excited that her work will be published in issue 5. b.u. has never had her work published before, but is thankful that the poetry juicebox is her first step. b.u. likes experimental art, and likes experimenting with ordinary, "found" mediums in new and innovative ways.

the rest of the contributors of issue 5 wished to stay anonymous.

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