issue 49: cracks, new

New Blood

- kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Legs pumping
Heart thumping
Leaping, running
Through forest and clearing

Moon rising
Blood boiling
Panting, grunting
Through the night, howling

Stopping, kneeling
Bones cracking
Muscles tearing
The animal forthcoming

Gnashing, thrashing
Moonlight glowing
The pack welcoming
A new fledgling

Alpha growling
Summoning, calling
Forth the fledgling
For his first bloodletting

Sacrifice cowering
In the circle, whimpering
Fangs clamping
Over prey, now dying

A chorus of howling
In the night, defying
The silence blanketing
The dark clearing

Sunrise rising
Ritual ending
Wolf kneeling
Man standing


- kristine ann gajitos (bio)


The woods were dark
and eerily silent.
A contrast to
the bright, noisy
tea party of
the mad hatter.


"Lost again,"
I mutter,
and pick my way
through the brambles
and the thorns
til I found a pool.


Thirsty, I knelt
to cup some water;
the ripples I made
growing bigger,
moving farther
away into the
center of the pool.


A rumble shook
the ground,
and waves disturbed
the the surface
of the water
just as a huge
shadow loomed
above me.


Eyes opened,
hundreds of them,
looking down
upon me.

All the while,
a susurrus of whispers
made the silence
come alive.


"Who are you?"
"Why are you here?"
"Is that Alice?"
"What is an Alice?"
"Not a what"
"What is it then?"
"An Alice?"


My throat closed up
around my scream
I cannot let out.
I stumbled and fell,
transfixed by those eyes;
huge and unblinking,


A shout tore out
of my mouth
and I scrambled away
from the creature
of the pool.
Run! I must run!
Away from this
horrible place.


- kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Crackling leaves
Burning, smoking
Filling my room
With bluish haze
My fingers twirling
Through soft curls
You lying beside me
Asleep, and dreaming

I cup your breasts
Soft beneath my fingers
Creamy skin aglow
In the early light.
I snuff out my cigarette
And reach for my journal
To draw you with words
In the dim light

I reminisce the night before
When I drank from your cusp
The sweet nectar
Of your femininity
As you made Sapphic love to me
Skin to skin we writhed

In the agony of pleasure
Drinking from the chalice
Of euphoria and ecstasy.

Then a moan
Comes from your
Crimson lips
And you stretch
A cat upon my lap
I brush your lips
With mine
My loins bursting
Forth a flood
That threatens
To drown

Once more we wrestle
Slow and smooth
Arms and legs
The haze dissipates
Replaced by body heat
As my words
Fall to the floor


- benet ge (bio)



- benet ge (bio)

We’ve reached a point in time
When free verse is no longer sublime
No longer a deconstruction
upturned finger
or crime

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