issue 46 contributors


kristine ann gajitos (her)



kristine ann gajitos is the poet of "The Gong" in issue 46.


Kristine is a stay-at-home mom from the Philippines who has a passion for writing. While writing is her first love, she struggles to put words on paper as she battles with bipolar disorder. Still, she tries to see the good things in life, and to cultivate words to touch those around her. 

luis cuauhtémoc berriozábal (him)



luis cuauhtémoc berriozábal is the poet of "Removing the Stone", "Welcome to Misfortune", "Collapse", "In the Blue World", & Happy Thoughts" in issue 46.


Born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, in 1967, I grew up in a small town, Zacatepec. I moved to Los Angeles in 1975. I have been writing poetry since my late teens and started submitting poetry more frequently in my thirties. My first book of poetry, Raw Materials, was published in 2004 by Pygmy Forest Press. My last poetry chapbook, Make the Light Mine, was published in 2016, by Kendra Steiner Editions. I work in the mental health field in Los Angeles, CA.

sam sicilia (her)



sam sicilia is the poet of "Ode to the Rotten" in issue 46.


Isn't always as emotional as her poetry makes her out to be. She studied literature, and is now teaching it. 

the rest of the contributors of issue 46 wished to stay anonymous.

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