issue 42: HENDRXX


- anon

Emanating from beneath the strings,

Immortalized in your vinyl,


i can't get over u

- anon

to watch the earth turn without u,

is to acknowledge a world content without ur being,

a world whose axis turns independent of how your feet,

are treading on the soil,

or are limp,

six feet under,

locked in,

away from your roots. 


- anon

The Dampening is More Than What You Ask For,

The Dampening is learning to be Content with 9-5,

Under Fluorescent Lights,

It's something to be taken,

Much Like the Mid-Life Complacency,

We all Slip Into.


-  anon

Shopkeepers cradle you,

You rest in between worn wrinkles,

Sundered by sundried freckles,

On the most worked of hands,


You are quartz.

You rest humbly, below the hierarchical position of the diamond,

Above the coins strewn on the glass counter,

Ready to be owned.


puzzle piece

- k.w. (bio)

maybe one day

he will realise

that those dark brown eyes

that he glimpsed only so often

fit together

with his own

like a puzzle piece

of blood




they were meant to be

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 11.06.47

ferra pt. 2

- anon

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