issue 41: the anonymous issue

I Got Plans

- anon

will up from under the fluorescent lights,

cradle your trinkets softly,

vestiges of a life lived,

remnants of time wasted.

will up from within the walled static,

carpeted crudely,

strangled by telephone wires,

whispers in stunted electricity.

will up from routine,

and be able to vocalize,

what has always been within,

i got plans.


- anon

I Wonder Why Jonathan's Nikes

Were Of Such Keystone Importance

The Object of Fascination, A Marker of Sunday Night's Ponderings

As Jonathan Wished Upon A Birthday Candle, A Thrifted Star

And With His Family Guilty in Absentia,

Jonathan Wished For Nikes.

Frank's Eyes

- anon

if time is linear,

and machines are rendered futile,

then explain to me how the cesspools,

are so aswung with life, a green-blue

vacillation of a life once lived.

Lucrative Issues

-  anon

his voice dissolved into static,

strings of grey and white,

then colorless.

his mind spurred into action,

gesticulating desperately,

for change.

his issues were lucrative,

and a tear fell as he sat across form his

lucrative issues.

Freight Train

- anon

A coffee, made cold by time

Or perhaps it felt the warm leave your cheeks

As it did when you walked away

Slowly, cumbersomely, on the platform.

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