issue 40: hidden figures

Racing Stripes

- r.j. flannigan (bio)

Thick faded red and yellow stripes
on wood paneling and car hoods,
album covers and gym shorts.

Dad slipping into his last days of cool
though nobody bothered to tell him.

Autumn leaves up past my knees.

The white fur that grows
on my old buddy’s nose.

Long hair, high five,
slow dance, corduroy.

His whiskey whenever it snows.

Gray Monster

- r.j. flannigan (bio)

There's a little gray monster in my house

It doesn't respond to commands,
or show any emotion,
and only comes out to bite me
or throw up on the carpet.


Since housing the gray monster,
I have learned to manifest food
and cunningly steal poo
when nobody is watching.


The "gray monster", I call it,
as I ease down to my knees,
and peer under the bed to
find my monster's yellow eyes.

puzzle piece

- anon

maybe one day 
he will realise 
that those dark brown eyes that he glimpsed only so often fit together 
with his own 
like a puzzle piece 
of blood 
tears they were meant to be 

1, 2, 3

-  anon


1, 2, 3

You Never Meant To See This Side of Me.

1, 2, 3

To Love Is A Decree, I Never Saw You Flee.


- anon

on this horizon stands,

what hopes to remain.

undulating, weightless,

it never ceases to amaze

its innards lie empty

in a bout of existence

in the race

to become


Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 1.26.29 pm.png


- anon

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