issue 4 contributors


y.y. (her)

poet​, artist

y.y. is the poet of "M.O.O.N.L.I.G.H.T." & the artist of "bloody spoon!" in issue 4.

y.y.​ is 17 years old, and comes from chinese. she likes the arts, humanities, mathematics, and the sciences. acrostic poems are very favorite kind of poetry. her hobbies include swimming, drawing, tracing, stencilling, and running cross-country. y.y.

r.w. (her)


r.w. is the poet of "celestial dreams" in issue 4.

r.w. ​likes a lot of things. she doensn't know exactly where to start. maybe she will think of something by the time this very short biography excerpt is over. hmmmmm... still nothing. i guess she'll just have to improvise. oh wait. she's not very good at improvising. oh no. i'm nearing the cutoff length. i guess i'll just keep on trying to think of somethi-

f.o. (her)


f.o. is the poet of "chang e" in issue 4.

f.o.​ is a university student studying civil and mechanical engineering in china. her poetry is mainly inspired by her native culture, and she is a follower of confucianism. currently, she is working on projects that combine both the arts and engineering.

the rest of the contributors of issue 4 wished to stay anonymous.

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