issue 38: primordial

King in Exile

- alfie garland (bio)

That I am.


A body of ashes,

Razed by hurt and heartbreak,

Bound taut by sheer cold will.


An iron fist,

To hold the precious life,

Which tumbles through my grasp.


A mind of storms,

Never resting or relenting,

Uneasy and unending in its power.


A star-filled soul,

An engine of celestial fire,

Aspiring to the night sky.


I am ashes,

And iron,

Storms and stars.


I am reincarnate,


Alive and eternal.


I am the King,


And I am arisen.


- alfie garland (bio)


With certainty,

It will end.


This much we know.


For it is,

As it has always been.


Subject to the end.


Terrible is the knowledge,

That we are but flesh and dust.


Thoughtful pebbles cavorting under a smiling sky.


But with great eyes,

We see the world flung wide.


A fantastic life forged freely.


And for this we are great,

Standing shoulder to shoulder with stars.


For we choose to embrace the end.

Creator's Note

- alfie garland (bio)



A difficult question.


There is thought.


For the sake of discovery,

It is supposed.


A grand experiment,

Of unseen scope,

And unknown merit.


A world of mirrored men,

Beauty beyond comprehension,

And cruelty beyond belief.


They asked why.


Perhaps the best answer,

Is the simplest one.


Why not?


-  mackenzie teague (bio)


I am the force of nature, I tumble over smelly river gods and mountains that drown the sorrows of men

I am the force of nature, I take your women and seize their day

I am the force for nature, I take what is rightfully hers and see that is given back

I am for nature, for she has given me more money and less worry over my kingdom


But still, at the end of the day

The waves lap at my feet

For nature is more powerful than a king

New Builds

- mackenzie teague (bio)

Winding paths

With horses, black against white stone

Carry on its back the man


A man called

Saul, steadfast in his mind and soul

Not wavering his judgment


He sees not

The others that question him and scorn

His name in the sandstone of life



Gold upon gold upon gold shines

Changing letters and minds


The stone is crushed to make new buildings

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