issue 37: neon


- tina kachoo (bio)

What does it take to be

CEO of a

With La Croix stocked in the fridge
and an in-office barista named Ernest.

With a 19 story view
And natural lighting
That shines into executive corner offices.

And turns a blind eye to the everyday worker.

And fluorescent white lights
That your employees often ask the
Supers to dim
because it gives them migraines. And it hurts their eyes. And they’re
Cooped up inside for 8 hours with static neon fluorescent buzzing artificial...LIGHT.

CEO finds the office too dark
And barks around at the super
To turn the fluorescent lights brighter
And brighter
And / to replace every loose bulb:

Because clients are coming in.

Best to outshine the dark sad faces and
drained energy
Of the everyday worker.

What will the clients think?

Diamond Reef

- tina kachoo (bio)

There’s a new bar in the neighborhood.

It’s spacious.

Turquoise and cozy.


It’s quiet and
conducive for conversation,
even on a Friday night.

It’s a little secret tucked into the bustled chaos
anxiety ridden intersections
of Atlantic Avenue.

No one really knows about it yet.
I like it that way.

There is a fleeting beauty,
in the ‘beginnings of things’

And I think this will be my spot until
it becomes
and populated
with neighborhood

There’s a new bar in the neighborhood.
I really wish I could tell you about it.

I know how much you like
quiet bars.

A place for you to peacefully read your book,
and sip on your well-crafted
whiskey drink.

A place for you
to establish
with the bartender.

they can slip you a free
drink or
When you’re not

I know how much you like
empty bars.
A place for you to sit alone,
without the stress
of crowds
rubbing against

There’s a new bar in the neighborhood.

It has a patio.
With stringing lights.
and comfy chairs.

Turquoise and cozy.

I sat there for hours
with a friend.
Talking about how we managed
to fuck ourselves
by searching for
'challenging’ and 'intellectual’
in a city
that is
filled with
a bunch of fast-tracked
who can’t love.*

We sat there for hours
talking about how our parents
urged us
to take the
simple route
in terms of

Talking about how
as 'romantics’
don’t know how
to fake it.
don’t know how
to pretend to
be satisfied.
we don’t know
how to
belong to this era.
we’re just


There’s a new bar in the neighborhood.
It has a patio.
With a smoking section.

I really wish I could tell you about it.

I know how much you
like to smoke your cigarettes.
I know how much you
need to smoke your cigarettes.


You usually take a
when the
urge to smoke
  hits you.

And, you’ll go outside, and
light it,
and smoke just half of it,
and you come back.
It’s your way
of not keeping me waiting.

But in this patio I could sit outside with you
in the smoking section
with my drink!

Where you’ll ask me each time if
I mind if you have a smoke,

And you’ll ask each time
Until it no longer makes sense

to ask,
because I’ve already said yes
each time.

But you do it to be polite.
So in turn,
I’ll ask you how that cigarette was,
each time.

There’s a new bar in the neighborhood.

The aesthetic reminds me of a scene out of that old
Ocean’s Eleven film,
But imagine it taking place in Cuba instead of Vegas.
Sammy Davis Jr, Frank, and Dean.
All its really missing is a pool table.

Its an old time-y bar with contemporary beings.
Cut out wood, to shelve tequila and bourbon.
Bowls of fresh cut citrus and booze
muddled into a heavily carved

I wonder who will regular this bar.

It’s like,
all its really missing is

Stranger Danger

- tina kachoo (bio)

You’re especially


You’re trying
to infiltrate
my intellect
as opposed to
my body.

It isn’t fair.

Providing me with
an illusion.
of care and

Providing me with
and mystical

Makes me feel
like I’m being

I know what
you’re doing.
You know what
you’re doing.

Listen -
you’ve had enough
pull the strings of your heart
until the chords
are too loose
to play the songs
it used to.
You lose

for ill creatures.

Aww, what a sad
and inept
you are.

I will play your strings
three times more.

And unlike the frail
spine of
of your kind.

I come out of the fire
maniacally renewed.
Too much
for you.


The End

-  sam sicilia (bio)


I don’t know how things ever got so complicated.
All I wanted was to spend the rest of our nights
drinking red wine at our shitty kitchen table.


The moon would see us and be comforted,
knowing she shines her light just so we
can love each other simply.


I wonder if we let her down.


- alfie garland (bio)

I live in a world of constantly unfurling mess, designed to the utmost detail. I follow a schedule of the nearest chaos possible, with too much that could go wrong and not enough time to fit it all in. I create structure out of tangled plans and wanton hope. I do not exist but by the grace of time, minute by day by year. I know enough to know I am nothing and that is more than I could ever hope to be. I see the beauty of the world in every mountain and song and story. I am the only constant on which I can ever depend on, and I will erode this bloodied world with my presence. I have lived every moment in wonder, and know the only truth of which I can be convinced is that the next moment will be worth living for.

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