issue 35 contributors


alfie garland (him)



alfie garland is the poet of "Torment", "Rearview Mirror", & "Tatters" in issue 35.


Alfie Garland is a young poet, interested in converting the human experience into abstract poetry, in a way that can convey the unique microcosms of everyday interactions and emotions. As such, he draws inspiration from the people he encounters and environments he finds himself in.

a.a. (her)



a.a. is the poet of "Convulsion" & "Tend my fields with your being" in issue 35.


i am a high school student from india. some things i love are maths, reading and winters. i started writing poetry only recently as a method of self exploration and expression, and am greatly honoured to be featured here.

tina kachoo (her)



tina kachoo is the poet of "This Ain’t No Zoo: Cat and Mouse" in issue 35.


Tina Kachoo, works a practical job 8 hours a day/40 hours a week in some big American city but on the other hand is a poet 24 hours a day/168 hours a week. Her poetry is a quiet obsessive secret comparable to Helga Pataki's obsession with Arnold. It's who she really is. Her hope is to give you relatable feelings and emotions and safety through the words she writes. 

the rest of the contributors of issue 35 wished to stay anonymous.

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