issue 35: tempest


- alfie garland (bio)

An unnatural calm,

Grips the air,

Holding it close,

Too tight to feel.


From a darker mind,

Words free themselves,

Arcing through space,

Without thought or master.


Violent eyes,

Alight in their chaos,

A beacon of torment,

A warning.


Beware the calm,

Masked in manners,

A smile,

And wild eyes.


For it heralds,

A far greater storm,

Beyond restraint,

Absent from care.

Rearview Mirror

- alfie garland (bio)

He is gone,


Dust in the wind,

His scent trailing softly,

In the memory of his smile.


A glimpse,

In memory,

Eyes of gold gleaming,

Behind frozen glass,

Walling the soul.


The cracks,


Weaken the walls,

But nothing passes,

An unspoken chasm.


He is gone,


Dust in the wind,

But the dust chokes,

Tears to your eyes.


- alfie garland (bio)

Through night,

Dark hair and darker eyes,

Wrapped in black and grey,

Cold and alone,

A breeze runs coarse,

Chasing her courage away.


Voices rise,

Passing by,

Words and hands unknown,

She shies away,

Seeking love,

Seeking arms that she calls home.


The world fades dim,

To black and grey,

A lifeline softly freed,

And now she smiles,

At once at peace,

Where she cannot bleed.


-  a.a. (bio)


 the sound of you,
brushing your lips
against the words,
that saunter on
upon my shoulders.
hang where wildly icicles,
formed from the
water in my blood,
condensing it viscous.
it hastens toward
the brink of my spine,
juncture to my neck,
where rests the receiver
emanating quivers,
in contours of you.
exude which out unto,
each muscle of my framework
trembling, they spasm anew.
the persist in your voice
tinges against my nape,
it has melted glaciers
lain along its crests.

Tend my fields with your being

- a.a. (bio)

the air between us,
it sowed seeds of your presence
onto me.
perforating swiftly through
the skin i’d already ploughed
with, what i wished were,
your biting teeth.
the moisture left hanging,
it sprinkled them roughly.
but it was your kisses
that watered them later,
leaking from the backs of my eyelids.
their salt nipping on.
nourish it really does,
your deepening roots.
how firm they are, how undaunted.
being kept in the dark
certainly won’t inhibit their growth.
when dusk scents my insides anyhow,
that’s all there is to find
when they grow
into me.

This Ain’t No Zoo: Cat and Mouse

- tina kachoo (bio)

By now,
it’s clear for me
to see
You play
a game.


Your role is not limited.
But it’s continually


When I give in,
you disappear.
When I disappear,
It’s because
I am discouraged.


And then,
you decide
its time
for you to give in.


And it happens
and again
and again
until you become
the feline and I become
the quivering mouse under
your heavy


And I play along,
Until you become a small sad utter
in the curve of my cheeky smile and warm purr
and wide Egyptian eyes.




It would be better for you
if I were weak.


my dance is
and authentically sweet.
Sad sweetness is difficult to resist
when you look into my sad eyes.
Because, as you say:
I’m most beautiful when my
heart is broken.


These sad eyes pierce through you
Urging you to enjoy the chase. While you can.
Because you will wake
and find yourself
securely trapped
by the throat.


Sharp wires paired with sweet purrs and sad eyes
to caress you.
From the effortless grip.
That you didn’t see coming.


For me to watch you,
and predict you.


It’s true that,
this ain’t no
Zoo. But I ain’t ever been
good at TV.


I’d rather watch you.

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