issue 34 contributors


flora leask (her)



flora leask is the poet of "Mass Movement" in issue 34.


Flora likes playing with words because of how they sound. She has a blog called 'attack of the paper wizards' if you can believe it. She will be starting university very soon - wish her luck!

a. ojo (her)



a. ojo is the poet of "Toothpaste" in issue 34.


A. Ojo is a British-American teenager and cryptographer. (Okay, maybe she's not a cryptographer just yet.) In addition to writing, A. Ojo enjoys editing other people's poetry, drawing, and the internet.

brandon conway (him)



brandon conway is the poet of "Pavlov's Experiment" & "Numbing" in issue 34.


Wandering this dark forest with no guide
Figuring out the labyrinth of the my feeble mind 
Evading the sun for melted wax leads to a salty tide 
To rejoin the stars so I too can shine

e.k. (?)



the rest of the contributors of issue 34 wished to stay anonymous.

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