issue 34: in tune

Mass Movement

- flora leask (bio)

To all the hot young blood that danced with me and stepped on my toes
And kissed me
In the throes of mindless energy

The fury of the young, bring it out
Bring it on!
It is good and it is right and its strong

No preconceptions in the moment
Music is the moment
A collective moment of out of body – mass movement


- a. ojo (bio)

Nice. toothpaste on my
bra strap, flick. like mint
on my glass skin. Ice
it reminds me of the days
we’d hold buttercup babies
to our noses, slash soft yellow
on timid almost like slut-roses. Stark.
rub our hands for burning, we’re mint
essence coated on skin, sticky back
and melted candle wax. Yuck. Teeth
marked in slick mint toothpaste
burning into us cold like frosting for
those white stupid
eggs. bite. and freeze

Pavlov's Experiment

- brandon conway (bio)

You are the bell ring
Baby, you’re stimulating
I’m just Pavlov’s dog


-  brandon conway (bio)


Over stimulate
My nucleus accumbens
You're my drug of choice


- e.k. (bio)

i plunged the knife into the
bruised mango and
juice gushed from its wound

and spilled onto my fingers;
the mango flesh nearly slipped
from my hand but i
cradled it, i

sank my teeth into
the mango. swished the juice
in my mouth, like listerine--

unpleasant to hold either
in your mouth for long.
if only there was an in-between,

the way birds regurgitate food
to feed their young.

love is:
am i going to inhabit your body
or will you inhabit mine.



- anon

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