issue 33 contributors


gregory manning (him)



gregory manning is the poet of "There’s Nothing Left but to Admit" & "Waves" in issue 33.


Gregory Manning is a writer, juggler, and philosopher who aims to change the world with his unique pool of talents. Under the title of The Impractical Juggler, he hopes to inspire people by showing that anything is possible regardless of what life may throw at us. His core philosophy is that free will is a skill; if we walk down a new road every day, then eventually we will be able to navigate to any destination.

flora leask (her)


flora leask is the poet of "Relax" & "Untitled Poem #028" in issue 33.


Flora likes playing with words because of how they sound. She has a blog called 'attack of the paper wizards' if you can believe it. She will be starting university very soon - wish her luck!

a.a. (her)



a.a. is the poet of "Nails" & "Oxidised" in issue 33.​

i am a high school student from india. some things i love are maths, reading and winters. i started writing poetry only recently as a method of self exploration and expression, and am greatly honoured to be featured here.

the rest of the contributors of issue 33 wished to stay anonymous.

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