issue 32 contributors


gregory manning (him)



gregory manning is the poet of "The Pendulum Swings to One Side" in issue 32.


Gregory Manning is a writer, juggler, and philosopher who aims to change the world with his unique pool of talents. Under the title of The Impractical Juggler, he hopes to inspire people by showing that anything is possible regardless of what life may throw at us. His core philosophy is that free will is a skill; if we walk down a new road every day, then eventually we will be able to navigate to any destination.

sam sicilia (her)


sam sicilia is the poet of "The Summer I Went Cold" and "While Watching a Documentary on the Higgs Boson Particle" in issue 32.


Isn't always as emotional as her poetry makes her out to be. She studied literature, and is now teaching it.

alfie garland (him)


alfie garland is the poet of "So It Goes", "Boardgame", and "Gateway" in issue 32.


Alfie Garland is a young poet, interested in converting the human experience into abstract poetry, in a way that can convey the unique microcosms of everyday interactions and emotions. As such, he draws inspiration from the people he encounters and environments he finds himself in.

the rest of the contributors of issue 32 wished to stay anonymous.

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