issue 3 contributors


e.t. (him)

poet, artist

e.t. is the poet of "lion costume" & the artist of "guns & roses" in issue 3.

e.t.​ works part-time at his local theater production company, where he designs costumes for school productions and plas. in his free time, he volunteers at red cross and his local senior citizens home. he finds solace in knitting, all things arts & crafts, and anything design-related. his costumes are available for sale at redbubble. he would include some self-promotion here, but he understands that the poetry juicebox is anonymous, and hopes his double-issue publication is self-promo enough.

e.r. (her)


e.r. is the artist of "bleeding heart #4" in issue 3.

e.r. ​is honored to have her work published in the poetry juicebox, issue 3. e.r. has written poetry since a very young age, but only recently has she tried sharing her poetry. after facing slews and slews of rejections, she is feeling a bit shocked that her work is now available to a wide community of online readers. e.r. would describe her poems as "visceral, and slightly creepy".

o.i. (her)


o.i. is the poet of "kingda ka" in issue 3.

o.i.​ is a theme park enthusiast (as evidenced by the unconventional topic of her poem), and hopes to become a structural engineer in the future. this is her first time getting her work published anywhere. fun fact: ironically, the poetry juicebox was the first acceptance she got, despite others telling her that she wouldn't get it. she hopes this is a lesson to all to shoot for your dreams, always.

r.d. (him)


Nominated for The Poetry Juicebox August 2018 International Competition

r.d. is the artist of "disoriented" in issue 3.

r.d. likes photography, reading, books, and science. r.d. has never had work published before, and hopes to continue publishing in the future.

the rest of the contributors of issue 3 wished to stay anonymous.

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