issue 3: predatory

unicorns exist

- anon

unicorns were known to tread delicately

dropping like the snowflakes

that fell and danced

on her porch in the winter


but they were never real

they can’t be

they were too mysterious

and untouchable


the little girl watched such

revelations fall beyond her

behind her and below her

and didn’t notice


that a shiny coat of white

and a horny littered with love

was approaching her

behind her back

lion costume

- e.t. (bio)

every halloween, jimmy goes from porch to porch, begging for candy.

as adults open the door, they coo and they swoon, littering candy in his basket.

jimmy stands, grinning silently.

little did the candy-givers know

that jimmy did not want candy

jimmy wanted to be noticed for his lion costume

the voluptuous mane and the brave, perturbed chest

jimmy’s skinny little chest heaved in dismay

under his lion costume

vicious attack

- anon

the quran is under

vicious attack.

by the media, by the press,

by the animal kingdom.

 bleeding heart #4

- e.r. (bio)

she circled around him,

wondering how on earth she managed to drive him away.


she could only sigh, and she pocketed his pulsating heart.

she checked. pulmonary artery. aorta. all 4 chambers.


4 chambers. number 4.


she was a hoarder, and he was bleeding heart #4.

kingda ka

- o.i. (bio)

i was 10 when i mounted the beast

kingda ka, of six flags, new jersey

as i approached the top, i could only roar

i fell, gracefully, monstrously,

and i wished i was a beast.

guns & roses

- e.t. (bio)

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 9.12.30 pm.png


- anon

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 9.10.29 pm.png


- r.d. (bio)

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