issue 29 contributors


val (her)



val is the poet of "No tourists, please." in issue 29.


Very small-time songwriter and linguist from Philadelphia. 23 years old and on the precipice of everything. My favorite word is "saturnine".

pradeep peethambaram (him)


pradeep peethambaram is the poet of "Ball" in issue 29.


Pradeep Peethambaram lives in Phoenix, AZ. He is an engineer by profession but has an immense passion for art and literature. When he is not coding, he spends his time sketching, painting, reading and writing.

c.s. (him)



c.s. is the poet of "Tuesday Morning" in issue 29.


Writer from FL, single Dad, aspiring poet. 

jeremiah p. tidey (him)


jeremiah p. tidey is the poet of "Parting Gift" & "City Dreamer" in issue 29.

A full-time nerd and chemist by day, j.p.t. sees sceptical eyes when he claims an affinity for poetry. Nevertheless, he started writing in his early teens, toying with words as if they could themselves balance as chemical equations. What began as a self-taught endeavour of self-gratification saw more recently a concerted effort to paint something more artistic, with any due thanks owed to Reddit’s
OCPoetry community. j.p.t. is deeply honoured to have been invited to submit to the poetry juicebox and apologises for the lack of happy endings, … c’est la vie!

the rest of the contributors of issue 29 wished to stay anonymous.

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