issue 29: in question

No tourists, please.

- Val (bio)

Once again, I am the city
in the protagonist’s fantasy
of spying insight in some alleys.
In this state of deuter-agony

I bear the weight of your steps in my streets,
the ache of your scent in my sheets,
your careless passing through.
Your photographs of you.

You imagine me-
worse, examine me-
My architecture cannot withstand

visions of a savior’s hand,

a souvenir machine,
soil unseen, slums scrubbed clean.
It’s not all breakneck neverdreams.
Would you live the complacency?

The vowels which fit perfectly in my mouth
are embarrassingly unfamiliar in yours.
They undress you in front of me for the first time.

Dimples in your back.
Tin note in your laugh?
I could live your rainy days
and light that changes too late.

If you come, you must stay.
Yet you left in a day.
So go in peace.
No tourists, please.


- Pradeep Peethambaram (bio)

Pour me a drink in this tall glittering glass,
Effervescent as the giggles of those tall women.
Blood red lips, blood red dresses,
Latin heels, cha cha cha,
With seductive eyes, behind their pompous masks.
Let the wine flow, in this wild bacchanalian fest.

Ask me for a foxtrot or a waltz.
Twinkles and chassés. Rise and fall.
While in your eyes, like a kaleidoscope, I look for
Galaxies and mysteries, lost worlds and secrets.
World's a stage, the bard said, and I'm an actress.
So are you, behind your gleeful disguise.

Hold me close, your hand below my shoulder.
Whisper sweet nothings, and all the things you told her.
This night is bright as day, behold
Chandeliers, candles, crystal prisms and smiles.
This life, a decadent vanity fair, a frivolous
Masquerade and nothing more.

Tuesday Morning

- c.s. (bio)

Stuck and confused

My sun is just blue,

a moonscape is draped over,

stuck in a cluster of hues,

juxtaposition's of doom..



I'm stuck and confused.

My lonely heart suffers for you,

it's the only part adjusting my mood,

sounds surround this bubble of gloom,

stuck and confused wonderin' who

would leave me with a puzzle for two..



slumped in my room, music bumpin' those tunes,

the same ones we listened to when we had

nothing to do. Nothing to do. Who knew

all I'd have at the end was a wonder of you?

Love is so cruel.

Parting Gift

-  jeremiah p. tidey (bio)



 I found you this


I'll leave it at your door?

Not the 'see you' I first hunted,


Seems this suits us


We who, like children

 Together on tracks,

Played along for the ride.

Shame, when you saw

 The 14.08,


Chose the other side.

City Dreamer

- jeremiah p. tidey (bio)

Promise me,

  We'll see the sea?

A girl like you deserves the sea,

Be led by hand to walk the beach,

  Dance for the surf,

     Sing with the breeze.

It's been too long since I saw the sea.


Promise me,

  We'll know the trees?

A girl like you deserves the trees,

Be led by hand to tread the leaves,

  Sing for the birds,

     Dance with the bees.

It's been so long since I knew the trees.


For I promise you, I know the sea,

  Her beaches, surf and every breeze.

She'll let us dance

  And sing

     And see

The trees,

  Birds, bees and fallen leaves;

She'll let us sing

  And dance

     And be

The couple on the cliff,

  In the cabin by the sea.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 10.05.56


- anon

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