issue 28: a shout in futility

[some lost words]

- t.r. (bio)

Wild sky
I am not wild like you and maybe because of this
I live avoiding the world and hiding my tears in your bowels

Just my face cutting the sun beam
You have the control and was not a wrong to arrive here
For where your sights reaches I really do not need to grasp
Are only words shining to the max before of disappear
Giving all of itself giving all of itself

Your own rules and a gesture that will always be understood as affection
I am not afraid
You here all the time but this time without can to conceal your sorrow
Like that body which bled blue showing a beauty worthy of each instant
Until to make sense
Wishing those were his last steps

The silence of tears the silence of wait the silence of failure
You know you will find a way
My heart somehow strongest

Blue sky
I am not blue like you and maybe because of this
I waste my time writing and writing like someone which resigned of yourself

Do not need spare me already offered my body
But still you have not stars only the sun asking if it is so matters
Feeling so weak however firm enough to make a wish
For happiness I almost forgot when had to blame something by have been made in pieces
Always there always moving forward without let to say how much needed of me

As a promise
Sold out of expression and significance
As a promise
Destroying anything that crosses his path
As a promise

You want to hear about me and I have not another way to say

- t.r. (bio)

It is okay in listen you to speak about yourself a little bit more before we laugh
Words involved like a gift of many skins
Tears and pieces of my arm
Opened and exposed


Now I will to write some to put an end in my woe
I guess have to talk about beautiful things and maybe to rhyme
As a true poetry
I guess have to show that his author cares since to the whole world
Until the most tiny stuffs or to reveal that each suffering of his writer worth
At the end


Already cannot remember of the first sheen of day
One more color of blood
Ambitious sings devouring one another in silence
My fear looking at me from far this time and
A bound of faces asking me if it is not over yet
And trying to hide your hate
Did not pass through my mind have to dirty my hands
I died in someplace among his regrets and
My sadness was only your fool desire not realized


The sun now is a yellow shadow which will never back again
While I accept that I will never to accustom myself to the blood smell
There is no one to say how much all this is terrible
Or how much you will have to wait until be safe
Or when exactly I started to like of see you cry
A landscape stitched with slices of an almost finished color ripped out from my chest



Here I without strength enough to scream
Without a word to serve as mistress or comfort
Or something to put an end in this I really need of an end
Before of you go untill me and to ask if I am fine
And I have to lie saying yes and to lie again saying that I cares


How the first time
These whispers are your weeping and your desperate in front of the light of my pieces

In Solitude

- kristine ann gajitos (bio)

She carved out her woes

On her own flesh

Watching as he life's essence

Mingled with the earth

Beneath her feet


The build up of pent up

Emotions had been

Too much on her weak heart

She needed release


Expletives and parallel lines

Ruby red in its freshness

Mingled with old scars

Stark white against her

Pale freckled skin


She cried, then, in desperation

Caged in a mind locked in agony.

Pain is her only companion

Her only friend

The last thing that is true

In Time

-  kristine ann gajitos (bio)


The hourglass stands on the gilded table,

The sand slowly filling the chamber below.

I stand in the middle of that same chamber

While it fills as the seconds flow.


I am blinded as the sand gets in my eyes.

Now waist deep, I wait to be buried

In the passing of time; the minutes crawl.

And I forget I am alive.


Neck deep in sand, I utter a prayer

To the faceless gods who caged me here.

Have mercy and strike me down

Don't let the agony prolong further.


But they are deaf, as they always have been

And I choke as the sand covers me.

My chest heaves, my mouth dry and full of grit

While I try to crawl up for air.


The burden of time buries me;

There can be no escape.

I fight to my last strength

Then I succumb to it

Notable Similarity

- jeremiah p. tidey (bio)

I could’ve kissed you there that night,
  Underneath the spotlights, though they weren’t quite on,
It still appeared you shone
  With the face of a fallen angel.
We each were tired and needing rest,
So tomorrow would come to have our best
  And we could both lie,

     Tell them

We weren't there.
We never did quite sleep.
I wondered if you’d heard my sighs
  Amidst our half-cut smiles and
     Between our long goodbyes.
It seemed we’d walked for miles in the not-quite-cold of winter.
I toyed with just admitting that this was all a bluff,
That you and I were real enough
  To carry on walking
     Into the sunrise, but

You were just an avatar.
We would speak and I would laugh as sheepishly you'd smile

At me,
While all the time I'd ignore
You cast her silhouette.
You'd smell like her too.  

You're so beautiful,
It hurt 'cause you never
     Quite you.
Your platonic touch feels
  Just like hers,
Reassuringly full
  Of sincerity and love;

Your cold hands also
  Because, like her, I’d

Bleed you dry.
I'd love the way you walk,
  The way you hum and talk
     Like her;
The way you say you hate me
Just the way that she would;
The way that we would fight if I only let you be
     A little bit


But no, I shan’t;
I truly can’t.
I’ve had her before and what I want
Is you,
The you that is loved for who you are
And not just for being
  Another avatar
     Of one I cannot have,
  Of one I'll never have

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Lost Shouts

- anon

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