issue 27: crumbling

Welcome to Paradise

- kristine ann gajitos (bio)

Angels have fallen.

In the desert I saw them there

Lying bloodied and broken.

Among them I saw you.

Your eyes were closed

And your wings shattered.

I admired your skin Made of alabaster,

And my heart wept


For I have lost

My wings long ago,

In the first war

When the Lightbringer

Raised his sword

You were my beloved then,

But you chose to stay

And sing hymns to Him

Who sat on the throne

While we were banished.

But now, you're banished as well.

So open your eyes,

And look at me

Take my hand and I'll show you

This paradise you've forsaken

A Place Among the Stars

- shadow (bio)

Staring into the night sky,
Looking for some sort of sign,
Looking for some meaning to the pain,
Looking for any reason to continue,
Looking to the sky like it means a god damned thing.
I see your reflection in other’s faces,
I hear your laugh in the quietest of times,
I know you’re around,
I know your energy hasn’t dissipated
I know you’ve left this Earth a long time too,
I want to make you proud,
I want to make myself into something more,
I want to be known for more than just a failure of potential,
I want people to know my name and my words,
I want to carry your memory as a banner on my shoulders.
Yet, I’m stuck staring at the sky like an idiot,
I’m trapped in a place I don’t want to be,
Empty pill bottles adorn my floors,
Got more scars than I care to show,
Two Styrofoam cups always remain hidden among my possessions,
I just want a sign that I can make it,
I want the pain to end,
I want to know if this pain is worth it,
I want to know if the stars will ever remember my name,
I’m going star shopping for my place among the greats,
With the hope I don’t burn out before I get up there.

Idle Dreams

- shadow (bio)

Been so long since I’ve seen the sunshine,
All I’ve seen is the blurred light from drawn blinds,
All I see when I look outside is grey, regardless of how high the sun is,
Can’t even bring myself to care with how bad I’m getting,
Don’t remember the last time I took my Zoloft,
Don’t remember the last time I smiled genuinely
I feel like I’m nothing more than a broken reflection of the kid I used to be,
He’d be so let down with where I am,
It’s sad when the child you were, is better than the adult you are,
What’s the point in living a life so unworthy?
What’s the point in going day to day wondering when something will change,
Maybe if I go now, I’ll still be considered a prodigy, a lost artist,
Instead of the failure that I really am
Suicide is nothing more than an idle dream,
A fleeting thought of victory,
A triumphant wish that’ll never cross the finish line,
The shits on my mind so much you’d think I’d already be gone,
Instead I’m here just day dreaming of my wrists slit,
Dreaming of the day where I close my eyes and can finally rest
I’ve been to too many funerals to make anyone come sooner,
I know the whispers after someone takes their life,
I know the feeling of anger, sadness, and emptiness that follows,
Regardless of how much I hurt,
I couldn’t make anyone feel a fraction of how I do,
So instead,
I’ll just dream of the day roses adorn my grave


-  themistokles pappalas (bio)


Freedom rides an all bright

white horse with wings,

but you can't see them,

you have to think of them first,

to see them with your mind's eyes

and then put them on, on you.


Freedom is in the mind first,

then in the chains,

many minds melted chains and tamers

and others lock them by themselves.


Some prefer to look the ground

and do as they're told,

the tiger hits the bars

with her head and dies,

the lion doesn't.


- jeremiah p. tidey (bio)

The Sun, he didn’t shine today.
He just...
Didn’t rise.
He didn’t want to come out just to face the same black clouds.
He couldn’t face the cold of an impending winter without
His best friend, Mr Blue Sky,
Or lover,
Miss S. Lining.
He said he would return for me when spring time came around,
He'd promised to shine again for me,
To warm the ground ahead of the next
And stay with me forever,
Be there when I woke up,
But this time summer had passed far too cold -
There was nothing he could do for me;
We'd all become
All too old.
I guess I'll face the world today with thermals and a torch.

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Aberration in Cyberpunk

- anon

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