issue 26 contributors


adg.w (him)


adg.w is the poet of "Boy" and "Flirtatious Friends" in issue 26.


Mr ADG.W is currently living in a dank garage just outside of Sham town, he eats mostly cold porridge, and writes endlessly to no great effect. 

c.e. (him)


c.e. is the poet of "She Was Turmeric" in issue 26.


c.e is honored to have been included in a publication of the poetry juicebox. he believes language and food to be the two best means to learn about a person, and treats his poems as field notes of the people around him.

m.g. (him)


m.g. is the poet of "Prometheus 2", "A Love Poem", and "155" in issue 26.


m.g. enjoys hip hop music and short form poetry. he is more of a writer than a reader these days, and he considers himself a pretty nifty writer at that.

the rest of the contributors of issue 26 wished to stay anonymous.

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