issue 26: heartbreakers' hall of fame


- adg.w (bio)

I'm reaching for a
top shelf solution,
12 years old
suits how I feel -
Like a boy,
grazed knees,
blonde haired,
Tears at anything.

Flirtatious Friends

- a.k. (bio)


It's a childish reflection
on the surface of my immaculate
loss of control
An avalanche of the purest,
honestly falsified feelings of
Tinkling as it crests
and looms over that term
"flirtatious friends"

She Was Turmeric

- c.e. (bio)

She was turmeric and left a stain on me as bright as the sun.

Prometheus 2

- m.g. (bio)


Chapter I: Meet the Prometheus


Good morning, Prometheus

My name is Prometheus

But you can call me Prometheus

I am the Contemporary Prometheus

Brother to the Modern Prometheus

I often see myself in Prometheus

But don’t we all, Prometheus

We the nation of contrived Prometheus

Oh don’t mind that Prometheus

Just another bound Prometheus

So desperately Prometheus

But enough of these common Prometheus

Chapter II: Return of Prometheus


I am the most Prometheus

(Barring Milton’s Prometheus

With the disposition of Prometheus

The tumbling curls of Prometheus

And a body sculpted from a block of flawless Prometheus

Praise this beautiful son of a Bysshe Prometheus

For his genius of Prometheus

Tempered in the gift of Prometheus

And here witnessed in the full court of our Prometheus

Comparing myself to Prometheus

Is an idea worthy of Sire Prometheus

(I miss the old Prometheus

Chapter III: The Rise and Fall of Prometheus


You’re to shudder evoking Prometheus

To fear intrusive Prometheus

When you read Prometheus

You read me, Prometheus

I am rewriting Prometheus

This is how I erase Prometheus

How I replace Prometheus

Welcome to my world, Prometheus

The Empire of Prometheus

I am the usurper, Prometheus

And I herby declare Prometheus

No more

A Love Poem

- m.g. (bio)

It is perhaps a common attitude that the Romantics are romantic fools,
Overly concerned with twittering birds and rattling pines.
In truth, they have accurately interpreted natural phenomena
As the several whims of God: Indignation.

This rock is a heat closer to frozen;
Its colonies challenge his sublimity,
Have drawn us into his searing gaze
That from its serrated towertop
Plucked Lucifer,
Toppled Babel,
Spotlights us.

The pattern is becoming.
His conceit requires constant sustenance,
Lest his hanger flares,
And on we he feasts.
This discipline for our flawless love, [REDACTED],
As it still now casts over he.

In the beginning there was boredom,
Then came a glorious detonation:
The Great Implication.
From it, like a magician’s knot,
Endless implications continuously unfurl,
All denying any claims to causality,
Unchallenging the gauntlet which clapped the void.

In the cloth chain exists a single thread,
A splendid helix from two strands woven,
That in its perfect incandescence punctures space-time,
Bending to it celestial beams and human knees alike.

There have been serial attempts to solve Love;
What differentiates these inquiries from others
Is the solution may spoil the problem.
Should love remain unstudied,
We remain undisturbed in our bliss,
And God will extinguish humanity.

The dilemma is thus to you acquainted;
My declaration is simultaneously publicized:
They die, of course.


- m.g. (bio)


If thinking on me then should make you woe,
Then of thy beauty do I question make:
That thou among the wastes of time must go
And fortify your self in your decay.


No more be grieved at that which thou hast done;
Then may I dare to boast how I do love thee:
Hung with the trophies of my lovers gone,
I may not evermore acknowledge thee.


O never say that I was false of heart,
Now counting best to be with you alone;
For still temptation follows where thou art,
And mock you with me after I am gone.


But if thou catch thy hope turn back to me,
For all my vows are oaths but to misuse thee.

I Feel Blue.png

I Feel Blue

- anon

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