issue 25 contributors


a.k. (her)


a.k. is the poet of "Freedom" and "Lucid Dreams" in issue 25.


I am a girl that grew up in the south whom ended up living in NYC. I love the water, treasure family, and value helping others. I have been writing poetry since my teenage years and have found it to be an excellent release to life's many challenges and painful experiences.

c.e. (him)

poet, artist

c.e. is the poet of "Yaupon" and the artist of "Yaupon (illustration) in issue 25.


c.e is honored to have been included in a publication of the poetry juicebox. he believes language and food to be the two best means to learn about a person, and treats his poems as field notes of the people around him.

m.g. (him)


m.g. is the poet of "InglIsh RevolushIn" in issue 25.


m.g. enjoys hip hop music and short form poetry. he is more of a writer than a reader these days, and he considers himself a pretty nifty writer at that.

m.k. (him)


m.k. is the poet of "Morning Stars" in issue 25.


I'm an American from San Antonio Texas currently taking philosophy in British Columbia. My interaction with poetry has been primarily my own independent study, but since I was a kid I've always written poetry at the bottom of my school work like tests and essays. I carried on this trend in university abstracting the emotion in philosophical concepts I had written on. My goal in all my artistic endeavors is to allow people to access the beauty of philosphy and relate the universal struggle between an individual and their existential strife. Not in a dreadful since but in an expression of bewilderment and adventure. I'd love to dictate the purely plentiful nature of objects and the fantastical contingency to existant things. Why see a hand when you can find a sprawling tentacle-like tool slapping its grasp by some absurd self moving composition of material.

the rest of the contributors of issue 25 wished to stay anonymous.

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