issue 25: ambling


- a.k. (bio)

Freedom from the incessant chatter of the mind
We must not intertwine
Our mind’s emotional charcoal
And the pureness of our soul
Our course we can control
If our hurt we do console

Now some is up to fate
And fate may make us wait
Problems we must endure
Before feeling secure
Before freedom is possible to procure

A mix of initiative and trust
An ability to adjust
All of which are a must

For it is happiness that we seek
A word for each is very unique
A word without which we feel weak

Until we achieve freedom from the mind
Until we enjoy being kind
Until we no longer feel confined
Then it is happiness we will find

Lucid Dreams

- a.k. (bio)


I hate these lucid dreams
Is there something I'm supposed to see?
Or is it my fear bursting at the seams?

All I want is to be free
And have these lucid dreams leave me be
Bringing back these memories is just mean


Free in my mind but not in my heart
So never really free even from the start
I just want to forget
And not regret
The things I've done
The thoughts I have
These feelings overwhelm my soul
Maybe that's why it's so hard to let it all go


- c.e. (bio)

I gave you my gloves.
The island hasn’t seen snow in thirty years,
but here it was
drooping off palm fronds.

The marsh grass was frozen—
a crystal field leading out
to a still, grey ocean,
with onlooking willows shivering.

And here I was
tracing holly leaves
with beyond numb fingertips
feeling for no thorns.

A dulled ache, the only guard
between panacea and poison,
warmth and irreconcilable regret.
And you had my gloves.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 4.41.37 pm.png

Yaupon (illustration)

- c.e. (bio)

InglIsh RevolushIn

- m.g. (bio)


“This world is entirely just.
None are permitted disturb this equilibrium.
Each has their share of equality”.
So sayeth those that hoard it.
They have piggy guards,
And lubricate with the irony.

ther wUz a rebeliIn
wIth sharp wrdz and swIft akshnz,
tu prj from thIs sIstm
the korUpt lichz
that wud klIng tu a karkas
If jUst tu cUnsil It
thiz tumrz wr UngraftId,
that nuw hiroz mei brjIn.

Al dIsasembld, al riasembld.
bUt sUm saw an oportunIti
tu prvrt thIs revolushIn;
thei sizd the lIngrIng pashInz
and sikrItli ekstInguIshd wun rychIs.
and anUthr.
nd nUthr.
nd nthr.

ThIs klnzIng wz srl ndId,
Th cncr vr drInks.
Ths thz r th srvvrz.
S th kspctId prIvIlIj,
WIch ksplnz thr srprz
TI dIscIvIr nIw IIthIrItIIz

IvIntIIlI thIs gIlI tI wIl wInd dIwn.
In Its wIk Iz lIft nI sIspIshIn
NIr tIm fIr thIrIf
FIr bIfIr IrIshIr,

Morning Stars

- m.k. (bio)

Morning stars you tried your best
Bleaching blues skim your feathers
Into points, poked thin through paper sky
Nearly blown out by day's proud entrance
Sit on this moment before, please stay
I'll applaud; a standing ovation
First the crack of my knees as I rise
Next the flash of my eye
clapping with your skin by the flicker of my eyelash
Struggle in your sky
To know at least one who prayed for sunrise
Loves your sacrifice of light
And holds your truth
For truth tried
Me, Mourning stars


Mini Landscape 19

- anon

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