issue 23: rhythm

Violins! Pianos!

- c.s. (bio)

The way she moves is art on the canvas

                                            she's a whole heart full of banter in time!

Silky, smooth, like milk and honey,

                                            every step is so sunny - dancing with life!

Violins, pianos, rhythmic escapes!

                                            glistening places! Such a vivid oasis!

it is amazing, laughs, smiles for miles

                                            and miles as we're flipping the pages!

Chapters, novels, topics so rich,

                                            we've seen a flux of ocular rifts!

Kaleidoscopes, the finest notes,

                                            a song of color, a dance in all that we live!

love, trust, a kiss, my miss,

                                            this is what we call the pieces together,

young, just, the highs, the lows,

                                            a roller coaster of hope!

If I may, I'll keep this forever..

                                            me, you, a teaming adventure!

a baby boy, a beautiful boy!

                                            our time's just a few to enjoy!

come a step closer my dear!

                                            Caught! Chained! We are cupids old ploy!

Come! Take my hand and lets dance!


- c.s. (bio)


I can't understand my language of mind,
a metronome only tuned to say what'll rhyme..
But if I paint and design, and portray it in writing?
I could truly obsess putting a play on with lighting..
so if you're a fan of my riddles, I'll put a dance in the middle
It'll be simple, seeing her in a old-fashioned white dress,
And when she pauses?.. it's still, cold with dead silence,
then music will play, her moves will relay a soothing disdain,
an act in the rain, her dancing will say, she's abused in a place
only few choose to relate with, then it's a queue to her face,
a look of fear, she's shocked, something's loose in the cage,
it creeps and she crawls, you witness; she ain't looking away,
screams bellow out, music remains, it's one on one
but two 'verses' hate, tonight a murder takes place..
wonder sparks a lovers art..who will remain...?
Initially, gazing envisioning mazes, you'd think 'it's a shame',
ink in the play's unknowingly digging her grave as 'it' slithers away!
then heavenly birds sent to be heard perplex with their words;
dissecting the verses mentioning purging to deadly divergence,
it mentions she's worthless, efforts are worthless, death is for certain,
a second they mention directions, a message confessing they sent it,
it's vexing, it's hectic, her venom is endless, the metal is tepid,
coursing in veins, the chorus is changing, forlornly she paces,
her Lord is awaiting with joy, celebrations, as the chords separated
with every turn, memory burns with a dance in'r wastelands,
winding down, sounds surround, you've figured she's tainted,
she stops, gripping her face in crystalline cages,
two tick tocks.. Just give it a twist and replay.
'It's just a music box...
I wonder what you had thought?

Avere Un Piede Nella Fossa

- c.s. (bio)

Imagine you're in the contours, at first in a pattern to rhythms unknown,
then you're born into this endless possibility called life trying to fit in alone,
it's a constant set of doors opening, closing, a future constantly molding,

every choice you make alters your ultimate fate, you are lost in this molten-
soliloquy of choices in a perpetual penultimate phase you traverse only once,

then comes a lace to a change; fates disarrayed- the divergence of love,
It is unwritten how these visions conflict and unfold out to this, but one way,
a hum within pray, some say, a bee with a buzz, the drum of the lake,
suddenly nothing, then flame!...something awakes as trust is embraced!
amazing how it quakes as the pieces fall into place, then it rumbles within,
the humbling wind of coupling begins, you've now paved the roads to
becoming the gift..

Now..with your muse of 'change' music plays as the dew from rain has collected,
a new face has erected from patience, you've mended a test of faith for affections!
it is a light in the cold black for a soul that's now its own little hum and your blessing,
you've fallen into the metronome of our ways molding a fate growing this place!
this home you have made so golden and saint, glowing with change, solely yours to embrace!
realizing your first parts of this life harbored the signs and now this is the first chapter of yours!
it is time to run back to those doors, explore beyond what happened before fashioning lore,
you are the paint to this canvas you're living with happiness given, so live asking for more
before your time is up as life becomes a twine undone...take a moment to remember
you weren't alone in the embers.


- a.k. (bio)


Her emotions swirl in the swell of the storm
Her soul capsized by the wave’s strength
At the rise of the sun, already feeling worn
Her body searches for a reef or anywhere that's safe

Suddenly a light emerges from a familiar space
A man, sweet & strong
She is enticed by his face
He sees her falling deeper, and deeper
Every minute getting weaker, and weaker
The once bright light inside of her growing bleaker, and bleaker
He strains his arm as far as it will extend, just able to reach her
He would not let her mistakes sink her any deeper


He reminds her it does not have to be this way
That she deserves to see the beautiful rays shining throughout the day
And just like that the storm is gone
Just like that the sea is calm
Now knowing, she can be her own anchor forever strong!


- l.h. (bio)

Tonight the night will fall
Like a cat, right-side up and on all

Fours. Tonight, the night’s a cat. The
The moon its cheshire grin:

Just the moon tonight
Behind the kitchen curtains

Silvered like fireflies
That in my boyhood days

I trapped in little hands
to give to you, brother.

Tonight only small hope
The moon awakes in me

The few things no one dare say
Any longer now the night has come

And the moon that looks through us
Without saying anything at all

But looks at us with one eye
My brother, like God.


Mini Landscape 15

- anon


Mini Landscape 16

- anon

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