issue 20 contributors


n.b. (her)


n.b. is the poet of "Retirement. (haiku)" in issue 20.


N.B. lives in Berwyn, Illinois with her husband, son, and cat; she works for corporate America and has been previously published in WINK: Writers in the Know, Soft Cartel, Three Lines Poetry, and Furtive Dalliance. The rest of her poetry can be found on

c.s. (him)


c.s. is the poet of "Sips" in issue 20.


Writer from FL, single Dad, aspiring poet.  

a.k. (her)


a.k. is the poet of "Let Me In So I Can See" in issue 20.


I am a girl that grew up in the south whom ended up living in NYC. I love the water, treasure family, and value helping others. I have been writing poetry since my teenage years and have found it to be an excellent release to life's many challenges and painful experiences.

adg.w (him)


adg.w is the poet of "I only ever write about sex and hangovers" in issue 20.


Mr ADG.W is currently living in a dank garage just outside of Sham town, he eats mostly cold porridge, and writes endlessly to no great effect. 

the rest of the contributors of issue 20 wished to stay anonymous.

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