issue 2 contributors


f.r. jr (him)


f.r. jr is the author of "REVOLUTION!" in issue 2.

f.r. jr is a politics aficionado, and specializes in cold war-trivia as well as the holocaust era. he hopes to major in politics and economics at university in the future. in his free time, f.r. jr likes to foster dogs, watch history movies, and binge BBC documentaries. he considers himself both a history and poetry nerd. his work was originally submitted for issue 1, but it was decided to surface in issue 2 due to thematic complications.

brian tieu (him)


Nominated for The Poetry Juicebox August 2018 International Competition

brian tieu is the artist of "multi" in issue 2.

brian tieu is excited to share his work with the juicebox community. he is an aspiring engineering major and loves to delve into the technical areas of art and literature. other hobbies include swimming, competing on the piano, and suffering in the florida heat.

e.r. (him)


e.r. is the artist of "i found u" in issue 2.

e.r. is a huge fan of postmodern and abstract art. his favorite artist is picasso, and he is very much inspired by cubism. his favorite motto (that he lives by) is "a pencil taking a walk on the paper = art". he lives in zambia, and hopes to go to the US for college in the future. he has 7 siblings, and they all live together in one house. in his free time, e.r. experiments with electronics and innovates new electricity solutions for central power plans for his village.

the rest of the contributors of issue 2 wished to stay anonymous.

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