issue 19 contributors


n.b. (her)


n.b. is the poet of "Mothballs." in issue 19.


N.B. lives in Berwyn, Illinois with her husband, son, and cat; she works for corporate America and has been previously published in WINK: Writers in the Know, Soft Cartel, Three Lines Poetry, and Furtive Dalliance. The rest of her poetry can be found on

c.s. (him)


c.s. is the poet of "Reflections" in issue 19.


Writer from FL, single Dad, aspiring poet.  

isaac kendral (him)


isaac kendral is the poet of "Mask On" in issue 19.


Isaac Kendral is a 20-year-old high school and army graduate who loves in-line skating, keeps a blog for his poetry, is compelled by video games and enthuses about all things motorcycles. As a person, K is more on the quiet side, keeping amicable with a lot of people, but with a sharp tongue towards those he dislikes. He dreams of one day being a maths teacher and helping young people in any way he can. K's inspiration comes mostly from his own emotional stability, the main running line in his poems being romantic feelings and any negativity he feels (anxiety, loss, sadness etc.). Due to this, his creation suffers long periods of creative drought and are few and far between. Generally, K dislikes his own writing, as he cannot enjoy the writing and the emotions hidden within.

adg.w (him)


a.k. is the poet of "Sex to Regret" and "I Already Wrote You Serious Love Poem" in issue 19.


Mr ADG.W is currently living in a dank garage just outside of Sham town, he eats mostly cold porridge, and writes endlessly to no great effect. 

the rest of the contributors of issue 19 wished to stay anonymous.

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