issue 17 contributors


t.l. (her)


t.l. is the poet of "Umoja" in issue 17.


T.L. is a community college student in the midwest who finds the mundane aspects of life to be the most poetic. Her inspirations are Sylvia Plath, Haruki Murakami, and her senior year English teacher. She spends her time working, studying, writing, and repeating the cycle of everyday life.

n.b. (her)


n.b. is the poet of "Hookup. (haiku)" in issue 17.

N.B. lives in Berwyn, Illinois with her husband, son, and cat; she works for corporate America and has been previously published in WINK: Writers in the Know, Soft Cartel, Three Lines Poetry, and Furtive Dalliance. The rest of her poetry can be found on​.

a.k. (her)


a.k. is the poet of "I Did Say No" in issue 17.

I am a girl that grew up in the south whom ended up living in NYC. I love the water, treasure family, and value helping others. I have been writing poetry since my teenage years and have found it to be an excellent release to life's many challenges and painful experiences.

blake edwards (him) & l. trammell


blake edwards & l. trammell are the poets of "Bella Donna" in issue 17.

Blake Edwards is an American-born poet, author, and musicologist. Blake has taken up a mission to restore a classical sensibility to both music and literature as an adherent to a modern balance of structure and experimental technique to achieve an aesthetic balance. He believes that when structure and technique are combined for adaptability, they do not restrain or limit, but rather, liberate expression. In a recent interview, he said, “I’ll never forget the experience of being led through a structural musical analysis of a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, and all of a sudden, a bell went off inside my heart and my head. I have not been able to stop writing since. I have never written the same way, or felt the same way about writing, since.

He recently released his first volume of poetry, “Strange Diary Days: All That Can Be Imagined,” edited by L. Trammell.

l.c. (her)


l.c. is the poet of "For You, My Dear" in issue 17.

I'm an expat in France, teaching English. I was editor-in-chief of Poictesme Literary Journal, and I've worked at Blackbird and plain china. My fiction has been published in several print editions of Poictesme. 

the rest of the contributors of issue 17 wished to stay anonymous.

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