issue 16 contributors


s.b. (him)


s.b. is the poet of "Consequences" in issue 16.

Muhammad Shayan Baig stumbled across the land of poetry not a long time ago and now looks forward to exploring this land as much as possible. He defines himself and his ambitions in one simple sentence: An aspirant today, to be an expert tomorrow, and end up being a legend".

joshua tuckwood (him)


joshua tuckwood is the poet of "Unread Messages (Dystopia)" in issue 16.

j.t. is honoured to feature in the poetry juicebox as it is the first poem he has had published. In his spare time, j.t. enjoys: playing and listening to music; writing poetry and visiting/contributing to Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram. j.t. is heavily influenced by the likes of Thom Yorke/Radiohead and Björk.

m.t. (her)


m.t. is the poet of "A Cube" in issue 16.


the rest of the contributors of issue 16 wished to stay anonymous.

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