issue 16: boundaries


- s.b. (bio)

When the farmer gets nothing,
The farmer sows no seed,
When the farmer sows no seed,
The baker bakes no bread,
When the baker bakes no bread,
The folks get no food,
When the folks get no food,
The folks do no labour,
When the folks do no labour,

The smith moulds no steel,
The mason builds no wall,
The maid sweeps no floor,
The tailor sews no cloth,
The cook makes no dishes,

When the smith moulds no steel,
The Lord gets no blade,
When the mason builds no wall,
The Lord gets no shade,
When the maid sweeps no floor,
The Lord gets the plague,
When the tailor sews no cloth,
The Lord gets no coat,
When the cook makes no dishes,
The Lord gets no food,

Alone in his castle,
The Lord feels the pain,
The Lord feels the wrath,
The Lord meets his death.

Unread Messages (Dystopia)

- joshua tuckwood (bio)

Can you hear me?
I just got here
I'm surrounded by robots
Moving statues
Should I give up?
The temptation burns
Like acid rain
Eroding my insides
I'm so terrified
For me
For us
All I want is the warm hue of your light
You are my bedtime lamp
As I read through your story book
Turning page after page
Revealing every secret
Every flaw
Every fumbling confession
The station feels grey
And the world is dying
Only you can resurrect my dystopia

A Cube

- m.t. (bio)

A Cube, slight and tall
in the ground that covers me
in its entirety

A Carving, deep and penetrable
on the cube that digs
Black, like Devon pigs

The green green grass of far away
from home

In my thoughts, they and I slay
the memory of the world
and die, and try to fold
time away for others.


Mini Landscape 1

- anon


Mini Landscape 2

- anon

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