issue 13 contributors


a.g. (him)


a.g. is the poet of "Cold Harbor" & "Solace" in issue 13.


Alfie Garland is a young poet, interested in converting the human experience into abstract poetry, in a way that can convey the unique microcosms of everyday interactions and emotions. As such, he draws inspiration from the people he encounters and environments he finds himself in.

h.p. (her)


h.p. is the poet of "The Bird and the Butterfly" in issue 13.

I have never published anything official, so the poetry juicebox would be my first. I am a poet and a visual artist and tend to pair my poems with art. I hope to publish my own visual poetry book one day. I quit my full time job recently and have been pursuing art wholeheartedly for a few months now. I feel more free than I ever have before. Other than art and poetry, I enjoy spending time in nature and with my dog who is also my emotional support animal. My goal in life is to experience as much as possible and draw inspiration from things unknown.

c.m. (her)


c.m. is the poet of "You Will Feel It" in issue 13.


Solange Claws currently lives in Brooklyn, NYC. She is studying to get her Masters of Social Work to work as a counselor/therapist. Her passions reside in poetry, destigmatizing mental illness, advocating for incarcerated individuals, and she enjoys yoga. Claws hosts a poetry event bi-monthly at her apartment and has been performing poetry for years in NYC/NJ. Claws has a Tumblr blog she never uses but wants to utilize more. Send inquiries to

j.h. (him)


j.h. is the poet of "Shameless Self-Promotion" in issue 13.

J.H. has never before been published and is grateful to the poetry juicebox for this honor.  When not driving his semi, J.H. enjoys outdoor activities and writing whatever comes to mind.

the rest of the contributors of issue 13 wished to stay anonymous.

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