issue 12 contributors


a.g. (him)


a.g. is the poet of "Elegance" in issue 12.


Alfie Garland is a young poet, interested in converting the human experience into abstract poetry, in a way that can convey the unique microcosms of everyday interactions and emotions. As such, he draws inspiration from the people he encounters and environments he finds himself in.

j.h. (him)


j.h. is the poet of "The Maiden No More" in issue 12.

J.H. has never before been published and is grateful to the poetry juicebox for this honor. When not driving his semi, J.H. enjoys outdoor activities and writing whatever comes to mind.

terrence bull (him)


terrence bull is the poet of "Fantail" and "As Easy As" in issue 12.

Born in my parent's bed in Rissington, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand in 1964, I grew up on a farm: where we woke up at 4.30am to get to work by sun up and got home for dinner at 9pm. I served time at Wanganui Collegiate School for 5 years before venturing into life. My wife and I met in Kenya: she was the daughter of the Pastor showing us around and my translator. She fixed my poor sermons and captured my heart. We currently live in a half done up old villa with a very pretty garden in Hastings, Hawkes Bay, with our two sons. I write and she cooks (is a talented chef), while they play video games (in between Uni and conquering the world).

the rest of the contributors of issue 12 wished to stay anonymous.

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