issue 1 contributors

z.r. (her)


z.r. is the poet of "gazelles" in issue 1.

z.r. is honored to have been published in the poetry juicebox. it is the first poem she has had published anywhere, and she will be looking to submit to more publications in the future. z.r. is an avid film enthusiast, and reviews movies for her school newspaper. she often frequents reddit, especially the forums that feature cute pictures of dogs and cats.

o.p. (him)


o.p. is the poet of "crackers" in issue 1.

o.p. has published in several literary magazines before, but the poetry juicebox​ is his first home for poetry. in his free time, o.p. likes collecting old coins, postage stamps, and vintage superhero memorabilia. o.p. is heavily inspired by his favorite poet robert frost.

the rest of the contributors of issue 1 wished to stay anonymous.

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