issue 1: heartbreak


- o.p. (bio)

crackle! pop!

i don't like you like that.

the young boy's heart did not shatter, much to his confusion.

instead, it crackled. crackled and popped.

the young boy's glass heart lay at his toes, at risk of cutting him.

but for some strange reason, the young boy could only stay frozen in place

wondering why

his heart


instead of breaking.

do i still have light left? he thought.

hey, you

- anon

he left me when i needed him

he left me yet he doesn’t want me to roam

he left me yet he didn’t want to leave me

he loves me but he’s falling out of love with me

he wants me to get better “naturally”… what does he know about getting better?

he loves the idea of me, sickness-free, purity, unsullied, yet he is driven away

he said he loved all of me… but he doesn’t want the whole package

he is treating me like a patient

he said he’s sorry because he knows he makes me happy

but he’s suffocating

hey, you, you killed me.


- r.f. (bio)

the gazelle looped around him, wondering if he was alive

to kill, to slaughter, to bowel, to gut, the things towards which she strived.

but how confusing! she was only a gazelle

not a lion, simply the simplest of the belles.

the meaning of love

- anon

when fate brought us together

i wished that i was dead

every single day

i couldn’t get you out of my head


i loved you so much

i thought pain was the answer

our love was so real

and graceful, we were dancers


our connection filled with

love and hate

never in a whole eternity

we would never separate


but when oblivion came

i fell into a hole

and i gazed upwards i saw you standing there

and i realised that you had stolen my soul


The Sun Looks for You

- anon



- anon

jaggedly, in tune

- anon

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