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SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 Newsletter

(August Monthly Competition Results & World Map)



Dear The Poetry Juicebox readers,

Take the time to read some of the winning work by poet Alfie Garland and artist Brian Tieu, the winners of the August 2018 Poetry Juicebox Competition. Full-page spreads detailing their work, self-written biographies, favorite quotes, coveted sentiments, and more thoughts can be found via our homepage. Thank you to Alfie and Brian for contributing their sentiments to a successful launch of our monthly competitions. More is to come, more is to be read, and more is to thrive.

Our message to you, constituents of The Juicebox, is simple: continue to love and share your art. Amidst the undulations of an increasingly streamlined world, to keep a circulating love of poetry's not only alive but strong, beastly, and present is of utmost importance.


And a special word from our August 2018 winners:

"Imagine, in times of strife, that there is no God to help those in need, and say instead "I will help you"." - Alfie Garland

"Try something new. It's okay to wander." - Brian Tieu


Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 5.40.44 pm.png
wigflip-ds (23).png
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Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 6.37.51 pm.png

Wonder why we've been asking for you to attach your country of residence to your submissions? We value tangible records of the scope of our magazine, especially what it traverses spatial, geographical boundaries. Part of our mission is to unite the common kernel of loving poetry. Take a look at our 'world map' page to see the top countries that submit to The Poetry Juicebox.

'Till next time!


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