starting from august of 2018, the poetry juicebox is now hosting monthly competitions for artists and poets that submit their work.


members of the editorial board retain the right to nominate individual poems/artworks for an award. nominees will receive an automated e-mail notice, but it is at their discretion whether they would like to enter the competition or not.

upcoming competitions:

The Poetry Juicebox September 2018 International Competition

for the

The Poetry Juicebox September 2018 Poetry Award


The Poetry Juicebox September 2018 Art Award





  • winners, you can:

    • reserve 5 future publications in the poetry juicebox

    • have a permanent homepage feature with any or all of the following:

      • one line of a poem (original or non-original)

      • a quote

      • any other sentence or phrase you'd like to share with the juicebox community.

      • name and/or contact details

      • a photo of yourself, or of anything!



  • your work must have been selected for publication in an upcoming or future issue. for more information about how to submit work for publication, visit our submit page.

competition application guidelines

  • post the following message on facebook, instagram, twitter, or another social media platform:

    • "My poetry/artwork was just accepted for publication in Issue X of the poetry juicebox! Feel free to check it out in".

    • save the link to the social media post.

  • in the body of an e-mail to poetryjuicebox@gmail.comattach the following:

    • [1] the link to the social media post (make sure it is public)​

    • [2] the title and category of your submitted work

    • [3] your full name and country of residence

  • make the subject line "competition (year/month) application, category".

    • for example, "competition 2018 august application, poetry"


  • the deadline for each monthly competition is the last day of each month. the reading period for applications are rolling and always open.

  • winners will be announced on the first day of the next month, and informed via e-mail.

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