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AUGUST 14, 2018 Newsletter

(Special Announcement & Monthly Competition)





Dear The Poetry Juicebox readers,


The Poetry Juicebox has decided to dedicate Issues 6 and 7 to launching a new issue publication category titled the Solo Poet Issue Series, featuring work exclusively from one poet who has demonstrated commendable artistic and stylistic vision, as well as a prolific poetic nature. Each Solo Poet Issue Series is sequestered into numbered volumes, and will feature an extended autobiographical poet's statement from the featured poet. Solo poets are granted the right to curate and title their Issue themes, with full discretion and input. The featured solo poet for Issues 6 and 7 is b.c. (bio). b.c. has set an excellent standard for poetry, and has fully embodied the versatile, elusive, and lustrous spirit of The Poetry Juicebox. Enjoy our first Solo Poet Issue Series, titled issue 6: ποιέω "to make" vol. 1 & issue 7: ποιητής "poet" vol. 2. It is now live on our site!


We hope you enjoy our first solo poet issue series! If you're interested in submitting your poetry or artwork for this particular series, feel free to ask. Please heed that this will only be an occasional development.






Have you had your work published by The Poetry Juicebox? Would you like to cement your international publication with another honor?


Starting from August of 2018, The Poetry Juicebox Magazine is hosting monthly competitions for all of its published poets and artists. There will be 1 poem and 1 piece of art awarded, and their owners will be crowned with The Poetry Juicebox August 2018 Poetry Award & The Poetry Juicebox August 2018 Art Award.


Winners will be featured exclusively in the "August 2018 Winners" page on our website, and will be guaranteed 5 future publications in The Poetry Juicebox. Winners will also have the option of sending in one line of a poem (original or non-original), a quote, a motto, or another sentence of their choosing, and will be featured permanently on the homepage. Winners will have the option of revealing their full names on the front-page for exposure and promotional purposes.


If you are interested in entering, consult the "competitions" page. The deadline for entering is August 31st, 2018, and winners will be announced on September 1st, 2018.


The Poetry Juicebox

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