alfie garland

Winner of The Poetry Juicebox Poetry Award 2018 August



Alfie Garland is a young poet, interested in converting the human experience into abstract poetry, in a way that can convey the unique microcosms of everyday interactions and emotions. As such, he draws inspiration from the people he encounters and environments he finds himself in.


a line from a poem

"For all our achievement, 

All our pride, 

We are but the blink of a celestial eye." 

- Alfie Garland, Eternal. 


"See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories." - Ray Bradbury, Farenheit 451.

a word to the poetry juicebox community

Imagine, in times of strife, that there is no God to help those in need, and say instead "I will help you".


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 winning work 

So It Goes by Alfie Garland

(issue 32)

As we know it,


As it always has.

At peace,
Or in terror,

An inevitability.

Death is unfortunate,
A by-product of life,
Well lived or wasted.

And so it goes.

Yet we should not fear,
The approaching dark,
Or letting go.

Hard as it may seem.

For it is our natural way,
To be at peace,
And rejoin the stars.

That wept as we left them.

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