the poetry juicebox is an international poetry publication featuring poets, artists, and hopeless romantics from all walks of life.


our mission is to provide a friendly space where both veterans and amateurs of the poetry world can share their work with an online audience. we publish issues regularly.

our ethos is to scrutinize everything, from the existential to the arbitrary. contrary to what chemists claim, we believe that the written word is in fact the world's most flexible substance, for it can be both malleable and tautly permuted at the writer's wish. we encourage you to sculpt, wield, and stretch your poetry! capture life when it is wriggling in its raw and infantile stages; capture life when it decays in old age.

our sweet spots are experimental and free verse poetry. traditional and metrical forms of poetry are also welcomed, but we encourage a conceptual spin of some sort! our only criteria for artwork is that it should provoke, inspire, challenge, and upend our readers.

unlike most other publications, we give poets & artists the option to share work anonymously. we believe in the principle of poems speaking for themselves. however, many of our poets & artists take the opportunity to share with you both their names and their muses, qualms, and passions in the biographies page. they would love for you to get to know them! we are a friendly community!

the poetry juicebox
an international poetry & art publication
the poetry juicebox